Individuals (Wholesale Only)

Australian Equities

  • Currently 7 Managers appointed
  • Typically between 100-200 stocks
  • Access to managers no longer taking new mandates
  • Managed specifically for individuals with moderate to high tax rates
  • Excellent history of long term performance

International Equities

  • Appointed proven global equities manager
  • Typically holds 25 - 35 stocks
  • Includes the Warakirri Ethical Overlay
  • Diversification by company, industry sector, and geography


  • Portfolio of term deposits with Australia‚Äôs big 4 banks and their divisions
  • Removes the administration burden of managing your own term deposits


  • Diversified portfolio of investment grade Australian agricultural assets
  • Focus on higher value agricultural sectors
  • Stable income stream from leasing out assets to high quality agricultural businesses