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Warakirri Ethical Global Equities


Established in November 2016, the Warakirri Ethical Global Equities (WEGE) provides charitable and institutional investors access to a professionally managed global equities portfolio, offering diversification by geography, industry sector, and market capitalisation, while incorporating the Warakirri Ethical Overlay

The benefits of the WEGE include:

  • Exposure to an underlying investment manager with a proven capability in managing global equities.
  • Cooper Investors global equities team has a proven track record managing and researching global equities (since 2006).
  • Access to an investment vehicle typically holding between 30 to 50 global equities offering diversification by company, industry sector, and geography.
  • Incorporation of the Warakirri Ethical Overlay.
  • Provision of fully transparent reporting on a monthly basis.
  • Income distributions available semi-annually.
  • Unhedged

Performance for this offering is available on request. For a performance summary, please contact investor relations on +61 3 8613 1111 or

Who does this investment suit?

The Warakirri Ethical Global Equities is best suited to:

Investors seeking the diversification offered through global equities
Investors who have an investment horizon of  5 years+
Investors who require an ethical overlay
Key Attributes

Access to Proven Investment Manager

Current manager is:

  • Cooper Investors

Warakirri Ethical Overlay

The Warakirri Ethical Overlay is managed by Warakirri and incorporates both positive and negative components, as detailed below.

Positive Overlay
The positive overlay component incorporates a focus on investment in sustainable businesses that exhibit sound environmental, social and governance practices.

Negative Overlay
The negative component excludes investment in companies that Warakirri considers have significant businesses involved in:
- Provision of gaming products and/or services;
- Manufacture of tobacco products;
- Manufacture of products that could contribute to increased levels of obesity;
- Manufacture of alcoholic beverages; and
- Manufacture of products for military applications.
- Extraction of Thermal Coal and Coal Seam Gas

Warakirri is ultimately responsible for the application and implementation of the Warakirri

Ongoing Monitoring

Warakirri adds value through:

  • Managing the ethical screen.
  • Intensive ongoing monitoring – typically onsite discussions with each manager at least twice per quarter.