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Warakirri Cash Deposits Trust

Fund Overview

Established in December 2012, the Warakirri Cash Deposits Trust (WCDT) offers charitable investors with the option of having their bank term deposit exposures managed by a professional investment manager. The WCDT is a unique investment offering, as it only invests in term deposits with Australia’s leading four banks and their divisions.


Term deposits with Australia's big four banks:

  • Commonwealth Bank
  • ANZ
  • Westpac
  • National Australia Bank

Divisional banks are:

  • Bankwest (Commonwealth Bank)
  • Bank SA (Westpac)
  • St George Bank (Westpac)
  • Bank of Melbourne (Westpac)

For a performance summary and the latest weighted average interest rate, please contact investor relations on
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Who does this investment suit?

The Warakirri Cash Deposits Trust is best suited to:

Investors seeking to reduce administrative burden of managing term deposits
Investors looking for low risk cash management
Investors wanting the best rates available
Key attributes

Simple, low cost structure

  • The WCDT is a deliberately simple cash product
  • It invests in term deposits from Australia’s four leading banks only
  • The simple and cost effective structure ensures a competitive return for investors

Natural Liquidity

  • The WCDT is structured to offer access to cash at every month-end
  • Investors have access to this natural liquidity provided by the trust's structure

Reduced administrative burden

  • Warakirri maintains relationships with key contacts at all banks - to seek the most competitive rates
  • Fully transparent and detailed monthly reporting provided