Warakirri is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning "to grow". As the name suggests, Warakirri was established for that very purpose - to grow the wealth of investors.

In order to achieve this, Warakirri has set in place a number of founding values on which the company's philosophy is built, including:

Core Values

Integrity – doing what is right and what we say we will do

Trust – being open and transparent with our clients and with each other

Collaboration – we value and prioritise working together and sharing ideas

Guiding Values:

Acting as Owners – we prioritise our fiduciary role and think and act as owners of the capital we invest and the business we run

Excellence – we seek to find a better way to achieve best in class sustainable results

Diversity – we value and encourage diversity and a broad range of perspectives

Warakirri's mission is to grow and protect the wealth of our investors, by always:
  • Putting their interests first
  • investing and operating ethically and sustainably,
  • seeking a better way,
  • to deliver great outcomes