Bushfire Support Initiative

As a company with strong ties to regional and rural communities around country, we are devastated by the fires that burnt across Australia.

Warakirri along with our employees and major investors are committed to supporting the recovery efforts in an impactful way by donating both time and funding to support Blazeaid - a not-for- profit organisation that arranges the reconstruction of fencing and structures for properties burnt by the fires.

To support Blazeaid with reconstruction efforts, all Warakirri employees are being provided with two days paid leave to undertake reconstruction work in areas impacted by the fires.

In addition Warakirri, with the support of our employees and major investors is making donations to Blazeaid in excess of $25,000, which is sufficient to buy a new trailer and gear used to build fences. Warakirri has donated $10,000, one of our investors has also contributed an additional $10,000, and our employee donations to date exceed $5,000.