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Warakirri Small Companies Fund


The Warakirri Small Companies Fund (WSCF) manages assets from the perspective of an accumulation phase Australian superannuation fund investor, assuming a 15% tax rate.

The WSCF is a diversified fund of specialist small capitalisation Australian equities managers. The small capitalisation area is generally under researched and provides mispricing opportunities that can lead to significant outperformance. The multi-manager structure provides diversification in terms of performance and manager/business risk.


As at 30 June 2016, The WSCF has returned +10.6% p.a. (net of fees) since its 2003 inception. This is +3.6% p.a. (net of fees) in excess of the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index.

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Who does this investment suit?

The Warakirri Small Companies Fund is best suited to:

Australian superannuation accumulation phase (15% tax-rate) investors
Investors who have an investment horizon of 5 years+
Investors seeking diversification across different managers
Key Attributes

Access to Proven Investment Managers

Current managers are:

  • Antares Capital
  • Invesco
  • Renaissance Asset Management

Consistent & Proven Investment Approach

Warakirri adds value through active management by:

  • Rigorously analysing of managers and their stock portfolios.
  • Constructing portfolios of managers with different styles.
  • Blending managers to mitigate individual portfolio manager, single firm or style risk.
  • Intensive ongoing monitoring – typically onsite discussions with each manager at least twice per quarter.