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Warakirri Charitable Select Equities Trust


Established in April 2001, the Warakirri Charitable Select Equities Trust (WCSET) was developed to provide charitable and tax-exempt investors with an investment offering specifically designed and managed to their tax-exempt status. Consisting of a portfolio of Australian equities, the WCSET is managed by our high calibre Charitable Investment Committee, who seek to invest in sustainable and undervalued companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). The WCSET incorporates the Warakirri Ethical Overlay and aims to outperform the broader market over the medium to long term. The trust typically holds 30-50 companies. All trust income is distributed quarterly to investors.

Comparison between Warakirri's Charitable Trusts

The primary difference between the WCSET and the longer running Warakirri Charitable Australian Equities Trust (WCAET), is that the WCSET has additional investment guidelines to create a more diversified offering. In particular, the WCSET typically contains more stocks, with lower “active weights” or variances from the benchmark index than the WCAET.


As at 30 June 2017, the WCSET returned +8.7% p.a. (after fees) since inception in 2001. This is +0.5% p.a. (after fees) in excess of the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index and before the benefit of franking credits.




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 Who does this investment suit?

The Warakirri Charitable Select Equities Trust is best suited to:

Tax-exempt investors who have the ability to claim franking credits
Investors who have an investment horizon of 5 years+
Investors who require an ethical overlay
Key Attributes

Stable and experienced Charitable Investment Committee

Since 2016
  • Andrew Nolan
  • Chairman
12 years experience
Andrew’s professional experience includes roles in equities research, equity capital markets and risk management of equities portfolios. Before joining Warakirri, he was employed as an investment specialist at Wellington Management Company LLP in Boston. Andrew holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and a Masters of Business Administration from McDonough School of Business Georgetown University. Joining Warakirri in 2009, Andrew is currently the Head of Investments. Prior to taking on the role of Chairman of the Charitable Investment Committee, Andrew was acting-Chairman from 2012 – 2015.
Since 1993
  • John Nolan
  • Member
42 Years Experience
John has been a superannuation fund adviser, asset consultant and investment manager. In 1987 John founded JANA Investment Advisers before leaving in 2003. John is currently a member of the REST Investment Committee and was chairman from 1993 to 2013. John has been a director of Warakirri Asset Management since 1993, an Executive Director since 2003 and Managing Director since 2010. He has chaired the Warakirri Charitable Investment Committee since its inception in 1993.
Since 1993
  • Andrew Sisson
  • Large Cap specialist
41 Years Experience
Andrew founded Balanced Equity Management (BEM) in 1998. BEM manages approximately $10 billion in large capitalisation Australian equities. Andrew’s participation on the Committee is separate and distinct from his role at BEM. In 2011 BEM was sold to Franklin Templeton Group. Andrew is contracted to remain as the investment principal of BEM. Andrew provides expertise on large cap stocks as a member of the Warakirri Charitable Investment Committee.
Since 2010
  • David Slack
  • Small Cap specialist
37 Years Experience
David is a co-founder of Karara Capital where he is currently Managing Partner and specialises in small companies. Prior to this, David was a co-founder of Portfolio Partners Ltd and has also held senior roles at County NatWest and VFMC. Karara Capital currently manages over $2.5 billion in Australian equities. David has sat on the Warakirri Charitable Investment Committee since 2010, and provides expertise on small cap stocks. David provides expertise on small cap stocks as a member of the Warakirri Charitable Investment Committee
Since 2014
  • Peter Cooper | Stephen Thompson
  • Broad Market specialists
28 Years Experience
Peter founded Cooper Investors in 2001, where he is Chief Investment Manager and Managing Director. Cooper Investors is a specialist equity fund manager, with approximately $8bn under management in Australian and international equities. Prior to his current role, Peter was a managing director of Merrill Lynch, where he was responsible for overseeing a team managing $7.5 billion in Australian equities. Peter provides expertise on mid cap stocks as a member of the Warakirri Charitable Investment Committee
30 Years Experience
Stephen joined Cooper Investors in 2002, and currently holds dual responsibilities as both a Director and Portfolio Manager. Stephen’s experience in investment management includes working in the Investment Division of the SECV Superannuation Fund from 1985, prior to joining Aberdeen Asset Management as Director Equities. Peter provides expertise on mid cap stocks as a member of the Warakirri Charitable Investment Committee

Warakirri Ethical Overlay

Ethical Overlay

Consistent & Proven Investment philosophy

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