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Warakirri Charitable Global Equities


Established in November 2016, the Warakirri Charitable Global Equities (WCGE) provides charitable and institutional investors access to a professionally managed global equities portfolio, offering diversification by geography, industry sector, and market capitalisation, while incorporating the Warakirri Ethical Overlay

The benefits of the WCGE include:

  • Exposure to an underlying investment manager with a proven capability in managing global equities.
  • Cooper Investors global equities team has a proven track record managing and researching global equities (since 2006).
  • Access to an investment vehicle typically holding between 30 to 50 global equities offering diversification by company, industry sector, and geography.
  • Incorporation of the Warakirri Ethical Overlay.
  • Provision of fully transparent reporting on a monthly basis.
  • Income distributions available semi-annually.
  • Unhedged

Performance for this offering is available on request. For a performance summary, please contact investor relations on +61 3 8613 1111 or

Who does this investment suit?

The Warakirri Charitable Global Equities is best suited to:

Investors seeking the diversification offered through global equities
Investors who have an investment horizon of  5 years+
Investors who require an ethical overlay
Key Attributes

Access to Proven Investment Manager

Current manager is:

  • Cooper Investors

Warakirri Ethical Overlay

Ethical Overlay

Ongoing Monitoring

Warakirri adds value through:

  • Managing the ethical screen.
  • Intensive ongoing monitoring – typically onsite discussions with each manager at least twice per quarter.