Warakirri Agriculture Graduate Program


The Warakirri Agriculture Graduate Program provides graduates with a unique structured induction and development program in either broadacre Cropping or Dairy. Each year Warakirri offers up to four Cropping Graduate placements and two Dairy Graduate placements. These opportunities are open to students of agricultural sciences and related fields.

The Graduate Program is 24 months and will include two on-farm placements and one office-based placement. Graduates will be working as part of the farm and administration teams on real projects, whilst receiving on the job coaching, training and mentorship.

Graduates will gain exposure to different production regions, farming systems and corporate administration. This exposure will provide graduates an understanding of how large scale national corporate agricultural businesses are structured and operate.

Graduates will be full time employees (on a fixed term contract) and paid a competitive salary. During and upon the completion of the graduate program, graduates will be eligible to apply for permanent roles within the business.

Warakirri Agriculture

Warakirri Asset Management is a leader in Australian agricultural investment management with over 22 years’ experience in acquiring, developing and operating agricultural assets on behalf of institutional investors. Over this period, Warakirri has developed an in-depth understanding of the investment principles which are critical for the success of institutional agricultural investments.

Warakirri Asset Management is the trustee and manager of the Warakirri Cropping Trusts, the Warakirri Dairy Industry Trusts and is the investment manager for the Daybreak Cropping group. Warakirri Cropping and Daybreak Cropping are large-scale broadacre grain producers and Warakirri Dairies is a large scale milk producer.

Warakirri Cropping Trusts

Warakirri Cropping owns and operates ten large-scale cropping aggregations totaling approximately 100,000 hectares and production potential in excess of 200,000 tonnes of grain per annum.

Warakirri Cropping employs full-time farm staff who are responsible for the day-to-day management of the properties. On-farm employees are supported by a specialised management and administration team based in Melbourne. Contract service providers are utilised for some farming operations.

The Warakirri Cropping properties are spread across the key northern, southern and western grain production regions of Australia.

Daybreak Cropping Group

Daybreak Cropping was established in 2016 and is a national broadacre cropping business managed by Warakirri Asset Management.

Daybreak Cropping acquires broadacre cropping farms, employs local expertise to operate them and improves the farms productivity by investing in technology, soil amelioration and supporting infrastructure.

At present, Daybreak Cropping owns three large-scale cropping aggregations covering over 23,000 hectares in Victoria, NSW and WA and is looking for new acquisition opportunities in most cropping regions in Australia.

Warakirri Dairy Industry Trusts

Warakirri Dairies, established in 2006, owns and operates approximately 4,600 hectares across 11 dairy farms in Victoria and southeast South Australia. Combined, the dairy farms milk more than 8000 cows and produce approximately 70 million litres of milk per annum.

Warakirri Dairies employs a team of full-time farm staff who are committed to the profitable and sustainable management of the properties. The on-farm team are supported by a specialised management and administration team based in Melbourne. Contract service providers are utilised for a number of farming operations such as spraying, seeding and silage making.

Why Warakirri Agricultural Graduate Program?

For many students, tertiary studies can be very theoretical with the gap between academic knowledge and practical application being quite significant. This program offers you practical mentorship, and the opportunity to entrench yourself in a real position, applying your academic knowledge to a practical role and taking responsibility for driving outcomes in designated areas of responsibility.

Following completion of university, the range of career options is often wide and varied. We understand this, and have designed the Warakirri Graduate Program to rotate across different production regions and corporate roles, allowing you to gain different perspectives and experiences, as well as to understand your interests, abilities and what it is like to work in Corporate Agriculture. You will not only be gaining relevant experience, but will also be able to set clear career goals.

This program offers you competency and career development. Firstly, you will gain important industry experience working directly for one of Australia’s largest grain growers or dairy producers. Secondly, through forming close working relationships you will develop your professional working networks. Most importantly, given your experience gained in the graduate program, you will be well placed to move into a permanent position that are likely to arise in one of Australia’s largest and fast growing Corporate Agriculture Businesses

Student Profile

To qualify for Warakirri’s Graduate Program you must be in your final year of tertiary studies at the Bachelors or higher level with an accredited University. Although not limited to, we encourage students who are enrolled in the following qualifications to apply:
  • Agricultural Science
  • Farm Management
  • Agribusiness
  • Agronomy
  • Vet Science
  • Commerce / business with an interest in agriculture

You are to meet residency requirements by holding Australian/ New Zealand Citizenship or a valid Australian Permanent Resident Visa.

Our Culture

Warakirri is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning "to grow". As the name suggests, Warakirri was established for that very purpose – to grow the wealth of investors, but also to grow our employees. In order to achieve this, Warakirri embraces our Philosophy and Vision detailed below:
  • Our Philosophy is to generate wealth for our investors, by owning and operating a diversified portfolio of cropping/dairy properties, in a safe and sustainable manner.
  • Our Farming Philosophy is to operate efficient farms, utilising industry best practice, conservation and sustainable farming techniques.
  • Our Vision is to protect, enhance and evolve the business, meeting and exceeding our investors’ expectations, whilst developing and supporting our people.

It will be easy to recognise that each person in the organisation has a part to play in growing the business and impacting the bottom line. We believe that the success achieved thus far has been from the collective efforts, ideas and initiatives from all our employees. You will not only be encouraged to contribute to discussions and provide your ideas, but your thoughts on various matters will be sought.


Warakirri’s graduate roles are paid positions. As you are treated as a full time employee you will be paid a competitive salary. We provide accommodation, phone/internet and other necessary tools of the trade relevant to the placement when completing the varied farm placements. Graduates are responsible for their own accommodation during the office placement.

Graduate Development

The Graduate program is focused on helping the next generation of agricultural professionals grow and develop. The program has been designed with three placements. Not only does it offer variety to your placement but also enables you to gain a better commercial understanding of Corporate Agriculture.

During the program, you will be assigned a mentor. The mentor will set, discuss and monitor Key Learning and Performance Areas. You will also be included in our annual performance review process and performance development plan; with a focus on professional development and goal setting. The assigned mentor will assist you in achieving the performance targets and professional development goals.

Career Opportunities

During and upon the completion of the graduate program you will be eligible to apply for permanent roles which may arise within Warakirri. Your mentor will review your performance on a regular basis and may make a recommendation to the HR department for you to be considered for suitable positions that may become available.

Graduate Program Timing and Process

Applications for the 2020 Graduate Program commence from 01 August 2019 and closes on 31 August. Interviews and assessments will be completed within September, with offers being made by early November 2019.

To apply, please send your expression of interest Cover Letter and an updated CV to recruitment@warakirri.com.au with the subject of your email ‘Graduate Program 2020’.